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Seniors get $2 off - above the age of 65
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We have kept our eyes out for signs announcing the great clips coupons 8.99 haircut sale for 2021. Yes, the Great Clips $6.99 haircut sale used to be the norm, but times have changed. Please keep reading for more information about their haircut Sale 2021 (plus, we have discovered their Instagram coupon).

What are the Great Clips hair salon product specials?

Great Clips provides hair salon product promotions regularly. You might be able to find offers or low costs on liters of hair products. There are times when special discounts are available where all products by a single brand are offered at the same low price. Some establishments may give you a discount on goods if you buy them simultaneously as your haircut.

$6.99 Haircut at Great Clips

Even though I have not received any coupons in the mail recently, I did see the following advertisement for great clips 6.99 coupon haircut come up on Instagram.

To get a $6.99 haircut at a participating location, click "Redeem Now" and then show the offer on your phone when paying.

Is shipping on Great Clips hair supplies free?

Amazon operates its online store. As a result, consumers who desire free shipping on their products will almost always need to be members of Amazon Prime. If you try to purchase a product sold out in-store, certain businesses may provide free delivery to your home.

Haircuts for $8.99 at Great Clips

If you enjoy the great clips coupons 8.99 haircut sale, you will want to bookmark this page and return often. Even though the previous haircut deal was a while ago, we have discovered a way to obtain their haircut for free (yes, free!).

One of our readers pointed us that the same $8.99 haircut sale was going on in New Jersey at the same particular time that the Great Clips Haircut sale was going on in Nashville.

What are the benefits of using the Great Clips app?

You have the option of signing up for promotional emails when you establish an account for their app. These emails will notify you of any special offers available at your local location. Notifications can be delivered to your email address or immediately to your phone.

Date Trends for Great Clips Haircuts

The great clips coupons 8.99 sale appears to be most prevalent during these times:

  • 18-24 February
  • The weeks of March 2-8
  • The weeks of April 22-26
  • The weeks of October 24-November 4

Yes, you read that correctly: $8.99. Great Clips haircut sales had risen to $7.99 in the previous year, but it appears that the price has remained at $7.99 indefinitely.

Senior Discount at Great Clips

We have also seen that they give a weekly senior discount! Every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the local store has a special for Seniors 65 and older. A haircut will set them back to great clips 6.99 coupon, a shampoo, cut, and style will set them back $24.99, and a shampoo and style will set them back $17.99.

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